Saturday, September 3, 2016

Worcestershire Paranormal

WorcestershireParanormal Investigations is a not for profit small organization who help people suffering the effects of paranormal phenomena, in this case that means ghosts and spirits. 

I know that some of you reading this will think that ghosts and spirits don't exist and could never be persuaded otherwise, you think you are sceptics. I have some bad news for you, not only is the paranormal very real, but you are not sceptics, you are in denial, and will only realise this when something strange, unexplainable and frightening happens to you, or when you finally shuffle off this mortal coil. 

For those people we have helped so far, the paranormal has caused serious problems in their lives, causing fear and making them doubt their own sanity. For anyone else out there who is suffering in silence, remember these four letters: Y.A.N.A - You Are Not Alone! Get in touch, you will be believed and if at all possible we will provide you with a solution to your paranormal troubles, there is a contact form on our sister site: and full contact details should you need to talk to anyone in a hurry.
Our team consists of eight people, Myself - Marcus, Elisa, Carla, Mandy, Jean, Roo, Vicky and my son Mark. We vary in age from early twenties to early seventies and we all possess the skills between us to resolve paranormal issues.

When you contact us we will arrange for an informal chat with you over a cup of tea, away from the affected area. We do it this way for some good reasons, firstly if it is a paranormal problem it could be an intelligent being that is behind it. Secondly, it gives you a chance to talk to us in a stress free environment and decide whether or not you would like us to look into things on your behalf.
To put your mind at rest, any help offered is offered free of charge, if you decide later you'd like to make a donation we would be grateful but it isn't essential. We are discreet, we won't do a Ghost Busters and come charging to your door in a converted hearse with the blues and twos going. We try to structure any investigation so that it works around you, and where possible we will do as much as possible in the day time, night time investigations are for phenomena that either occurs only at night or is very much more of a problem at night.

I suppose you are wondering why we've opened a shop? As stated we are not for profit but equipment wears out or gets damaged and needs replacing, there are hosting costs for the sites and of course travel expenditure when we go on investigations. And we, like yourselves have limited incomes, so we need some way of generating an income to pay for the expenses incurred. We don't own any of the displayed stock, this is what is called an affiliate site where we get paid a commission on purchases made via this site.

There is one more service we provide that you may be interested in, provided certain criteria are met, we are more than willing to attempt contact with a lost loved one. This is another free service. It helps us with research into a concept called ITC or instrumental Trans Communication. We use electronic equipment to attempt (sometime successfully) direct one to one communication with those who have passed. For most people involved in the world of paranormal investigations and research, intelligent contact with spirits or other paranormal phenomena and obtaining video footage with audible responses is the holy grail of evidence. It's not that we need it so much because we have already witnessed a lot, but the world does.

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