Thursday, September 1, 2016


Nintendo has the habit of upgrading it handheld systems. It therefore comes as no surprise to any ardent follower to know that an upgrade of the 3DS console, the 3DS XL is now offered.

This most current addition towards the loved ones doesn't upgrade the fundamentals of your sequel; the technique still capabilities support for glasses-free 3D show. So what will be the changes within this model as we compare the Nintendo 3DS vs. 3DS XL? Study on to uncover.

Screen Size

This is possibly the greatest selling point in this edition; the screen sizes being 90% larger than the sequel. What this just suggests is that you get a far better gaming experience together with your screen display searching twice as large as that from the 3DS. A single set back nevertheless is that the screen resolution still stays precisely the same.

This edition has moved away in the glossy slippery finish on the sequel to a matte finish that seat firmly inside your hands. When it comes to modifications for the system's dimension there is certainly not a great deal distinction to report. The newer method features a dimension of 134 x 74 x 21mm in comparison to the older dimension of 30 x 74 x 20mm.

Battery Life
The 3DS XL has a longer battery life than the 3DS. To energy up these new screen displays, the newer console includes a battery life of 3.5 - six.5 hours in comparison with the three - 5 hours of its predecessor. Generally you will discover that your battery life depend on factors like the brightness on the screens.

Storage Device

Also upgraded is the free SD drive that comes using the console. The size of your drive has been elevated from 2GB to 4GB offering you with extra hard drive space to shop your downloaded games, images and audio files r4i.


With a 90% increase within the viewing location comes a compact raise in the weight in the console. The 3DS XL weighs an further three.5 ounces than the 3DS. Nonetheless this must not have an effect on the portability of your device.

The following are nonetheless the exact same:

Button Controls

You can expect to find your button controls just the same having a bit extra spacing. There has been rumour in regards to the possibility of Nintendo introducing a second circle analog pad but this has not been implemented in this upgrade possibly since it will impact the battery life span.
Game Lines

Backward compatibility is retained within this technique meaning that your old favourite titles downloaded from the DSiware, 3DS-only eshop games as well as GBA titles all hold up properly on the 3DS XL.

You will discover still 3 camera; two outward facing cameras and an inward facing camera.

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