Friday, September 9, 2016

Door Safety - Come on In, the Door is Open

A Door Safety Lock only works as a deterrent when it is in the locked position. Police records have proven that burglars enter more homes that are not locked rather than by breaking into a locked home. If they can't get in at the front Exterior Door they will try the Sliding Door, the Back Door or the Entry from the Garage directly into the house.

The Gilbert, Arizona Police Dept website on preventing crime is titled: Lock 'em Out. Very Good advice. The more difficult you make it for a criminal to enter, the less likely he will get into your home. Criminals are not energetic and do no wish to work hard. If they were more energetic they would get jobs like you and I and not try to make money the easy way. Burglars will by pass a well lighted home that is locked to go to another where they will find it easier to enter.

There was a couple in the Denver Area that left their garage door open. The wife had come home and hung her keys in the garage. When her husband was driving home he thought he saw her car leaving along with another following a at great rate of speed. When he asked her who was driving her car and of course she replied nobody. When they checked they found her car gone. Someone came on in - the door was open. Oops, no car!

The Exterior Doors need to be locked when not being used. If you are in the back yard, do lock the front and make sure the Garage Door is closed. Makes it a little more trouble for the other spouse and the kids, but it could keep that thief from entering. If you decide to run over to have coffee with the neighbor, and you plan on being gone only for a minute, do not lock the doors. The average time that burglars are in a home is eight (8) minutes, and it may have been just the opportunity he had been waiting on to commit a burglary. That might be some expensive coffee.

So do Lock 'em Out. If the kids get home before you it is better to have a lockbox with a key rather than have them carry a key all day. Don't forget to keep the garage door closed. You can obtain a Keyless Entry Pad to mount outside the garage for the kids to put their bikes inside.
In the second part of this series I shall give you some tips on how to be sure that the locked doors will keep the bad guys out ΚΛΕΙΔΑΡΙΕΣ ΑΣΦΑΛΕΙΑΣ.

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