Thursday, March 17, 2016

Dent Magnet Article

Dent Magnet are a business based in Ballymoney, Co Antrim in Northern Ireland, and they run an excellent service removing dents, scuffs and scratches from peoples cars. The great thing about Dent Magnet is that if say you have a dent in your car caused by a golf ball hitting it, you don`t have to take it into a garage workshop to get it repaired as they will come out to you and fix the dent whilst the car is sitting on your drive.

Believe me this works out a lot cheaper than taking it to a garage as they can usually fix a dent, scuff or scratch within an hour, and not only that the end results they achieve are terrific. There is no painting over the scratches as it is not needed, the car will look brand new when they have finished with it.

Dent Magnet use state of the art tools to quickly repair vehicles and restore them to their former glory. It is so frustrating to have a dent in your car because whenever you go to it that is all you can see so to have a service like this that can fix it perfectly for a very affordable price is wonderful car dent repair northern ireland.

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